Your wedding is too important for us to hand off to any other photographer. Noelle and I shoot every wedding together so you can feel confident in the quality of work you will receive.



Keith Hirsch – Owner / Lead Photographer

I have always been captivated by the expressive nature of art. For many years, I made my living as a traveling musician. That all ended for me when my father passed away and left me his Nikon camera. Something indescribable changed inside of me the minute I held that camera. Almost immediately, I walked away from music and began learning everything I possibly could about this “new” form of artistic expression. Along the way I discovered Noelle’s interest in photography and surprised her with her own camera for her birthday. After that, it was game on! In my career as a photographer, I have completed many assignments and have found weddings to be the most challenging and rewarding of any. Every wedding day is filled with emotionally charged, fleeting moments, and I love the challenge of snatching up as many as I possibly can!

Noelle Hirsch – Owner / Photographer

I was in middle school when my mom introduced me to photography with my very own Polaroid camera. I instantly fell in love! Soon after, my closet door was completely covered in photographs of the world through my own eyes :) As the years went by my focus shifted and sadly, the camera took a back seat to life. It wasn’t long after Keith and I started dating that he began learning photography with the Nikon gear his dad left him. Luckily for me, Keith noticed my interest and surprised me with my very own super shnazy camera so we could both learn together!!! As soon as he gave it to me, I instantly burst into tears; it was one of the nicest gestures anyone had ever done for me :) Since then, we have found ourselves fully immersed in the world of professional wedding photography and have loved every second of it! We are so grateful to be able to work together and share such a rewarding passion:)